When I was a child, I loved taking pictures. I always knew there was hidden talent deep within me. When my children were born, I took many pictures and cherished every moment of it and people complimented my work. A few years later I was asked to photograph a wedding and I accepted. That lead to another wedding and then another. I received great acclamation from my clients as well as friends and family. They made the comment I really needed to do something with this talent. That is when I realized my hidden talent. I am a woman of great Faith. There is a quote " God makes the pictures I just take them." I received invaluable training from one of Huntsville, Alabama's most widely recognized and well known photographers. I love photography. I love to interact with people and to preserve life in portraits. You can look back and remember the little smile, the little toes, and the tea party by the lake. They grow so quickly and those moments are there for such a small moment in time. I owe all my talent and inspiration to God. So before I come to each session, I pray. I want to capture you and/or your child's true personality, their spirit. I love to sit down and play with the children first to let them become comfortable with me and the camera. When I am actually shooting the photographs, I let the children play, capturing the innocence of childhood. At the end of the day, when the session is over, how sweet it is to have a child come and give you a slobbery kiss on the cheek and say "thank you Mrs. Crispy". That is just priceless! When you choose me as your photographer, you know you know that each session is truly a work of art and different from everyday portrait sessions. If you are looking for something creative, simple, and different, then you've found the right photographer.

fresh. simple. you.